BMG Long COVID Initiative

Third round table continues the dialogue on Long COVID

At the invitation of Federal Minister of Health Prof. Dr Karl Lauterbach, experts, patient advocacy groups and relevant public health stakeholders came together on 16 April 2024 in Berlin. The discussions focussed on the Federal Joint Committee’s (G-BA) new Long COVID directive, the promotion of patient-oriented research by the BMG, the planned measures to improve care for children and adolescents with Long COVID as well as the work of the expert group on Long COVID Off-Label Use.

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Das Foto zeigt Bundesgesundheitsminister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach im Rahmen des dritten Runden Tisches

Long COVID timeline

In the timeline, you will find selected findings from science and research, as well as answers to questions about the social and political handling of Long COVID.

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Ärztinnen und Ärzte sowie Pflegerinnen und Pfleger legen die Hände übereinander als Zeichen der Zusammenarbeit


Federal Ministry of Health

Federal Ministry of Health establishes funding priority