Apr 2024 | Charité University Medicine Berlin National Clinical Study Group

A study conducted by Charité examines hand grip strength as an objective measure of muscle fatigue in persons with post COVID

Researchers at Charité Berlin have examined a link between the hand grip strength and severity of symptoms in persons suffering from post COVID and ME/CFS. The measurement of individual hand grip strength is used for the medical diagnosis of a physical decline in performance. 

The study by Charité Berlin included 144 female patients with post COVID, 78 of whom are affected by ME/CFS. The hand grip strength was impaired in all study participants, but only in participants with ME/CFS was the degree of impairment associated with severity of symptoms. This suggests a common mechanism for muscle weakness and other symptoms experienced by persons suffering from ME/CFS, but not found in other forms of post COVID. According to the study, impaired hand grip strength is an objective marker of physical function in post COVID patients. 

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Charité University Medicine Berlin National Clinical Study Group

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